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Hide In a Book

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You can not escape the World, but you can read a good book, live life in it for a while, be inspired, encouraged, directed, corrected, educated, and come out calm and collected to proceed with the little steps that lead to the grave. Yes, every second in life is a count-down to death, so make every living second count.

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Love Changing Everything

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Love, striking like a bolt of lightning,

Altering, changing everything in its path,

Life, people, the world.

Even darkest colours,

They turn bright.

Like painted rainbow high up,

It mesmerises the eye of the beholder,

Planting twinkling colours of love,

Behold! a plantation in hearts of all.

One is vulnerable, embracing it.

Even through pain, disasters,

Be it a moment or a while.

Look!, its blowing like a tornado!

Lifting everything  mercilessly

All is fine, even better, swirling in it,

Even fools agreeing succumbing to it.

Love, pushing a victim to the edge,

Pride falling off like ripe fruit from shaken tree.

Hands raised high up,man surrendering to love.

A victim telling a stranger, like in a dream,

A person they met a few days ago,

The secrets contents of their heart.

All is poured out, love pouring out,

Like rain zillions of rain drops from heaven,

All landing on one chosen victim.

Love cleanses, even fear and pride,

It what it does, when it hits hard,

When it sweeps like tornado,

Carrying off anybody, somebody, nobody.

In its eyes, the ground is level.

Love, crossing one's mind,

Bringing a smile on one's face.

Daydreaming, all other things vanishing.

But, the face of love.

One smiling to oneself,

The mind travels far away wildly,

Where love is leading.

Love, binding strangers as one!

Love sweeping both away,

Tying them in a knot, a bind,

Changing everything.