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Tips: Creating Book Characters - Let it out through them!

Posted on April 22, 2016 at 6:20 PM
Looking to create great characters for your book characters? Don't get stuck! you have more than enough choices at your disposal. Its ok to use your enemies too and other people of interest as you will learn below. Characters are easy to create simply because they can be effectively made from people you know. This could be your enemies, your crash, family members, that horrible person who did something wrong to you or your loved ones, that husband who abused you, cheated on you or who you lost to another woman, that woman who broke your marriage, the list is inexhaustible! There is a great variety for an Author to choose from. Don't be afraid to use anybody because they don't have to know and will never know, unless they read your book and likely think they are instead the book relates with them! Being an author comes with great exploding creative opportunities to revenge, kill, punish and to freely let out those bottled emotions that you wouldn???t otherwise have let out in the open. You also get the pleasure to deal with incidents the way you always fantasized, wished, or dreamed of. You can commit a crime, hurt somebody, burn down the city, the house, the car without committing a real crime, all through characters in your book and only you can know about it. Other can only second guess, suspect, or wonder, but so what? It???s your fiction, master piece and you write it the way you like. If someone is good looking and your character needs their looks, its only brilliant to just change their real name then play around with their description, but getting it right and well exaggerating it. Go ahead and make them your own perfect creation made-out of bits and pieces of all that is good and real. No-one???s is physically perfect in real life except in the book. There is absolutely nothing wrong in writing a plot to kill that debt collector who tormented you and made you fear going out of the front door, that jury that found you or someone guilty of a crime you didn't commit or even committed, that boss who made you jobless resulting in you losing your house and having to downgrade even your children???s first choice of school. It also doesn't have to be a real plot. After-all in writing, exaggeration brings up good flavours. It can be a fictional story altogether, where someone must die a ruthless death. Go ahead and take the pleasure by choosing a person you'd want to see dead, suffer or happier. Everyone has someone who, if it was up to them, would find them guilty and give them a death sentence. It only makes it easier to describe the character, compile some out of this world sentences, and make a perfect scene or plot. This is how books relate to the readers. If you love someone and can't be with them, go ahead and be with them in the book. Live with them in character form specially created to suit. Experience life with them in the pages and enjoy writing about what could have been. It???s only normal, after-all, who doesn???t wonder at some point what life could have been? It's all part of fictionalising the story and making it relate to readers. People enjoy the reality of characters??? actions, especially when exaggerated beyond, yet they are unaware of your motives, some don???t even need to know as long as they can relate with your book. So, dealing with a character version of a real person to an extreme spiced point, getting it your very own way in a book would be an advantage and an opportunity to get readers glued to the book and see themselves through your characters. Besides, you will be getting about your way. Exaggeration and spicing up becomes easy when you're facing real people in your mind and visualising their characters, what they do in life and how they behave. Do not hesitate to pick real people who have done something that affected you, your loved ones, and your friends and build characters. If your story involves a nasty Cab Driver, the one who once gave you a lift and fix him accordingly. As an Author, you are surrounded by characters for any book idea that comes into your mind, go ahead, and pick people who deserve the good and/or the bad in your book. People will relate to such carefully chosen characters who give meaning to your story line. However, never erase or hide your creativity nature. Be free to create your very own characters from scratch and set up a World filled with people of your taste. That will also work perfectly as readers love newly created characters who are entirely different from their imagination or what they expect. Amaze people with your wild ideas of characters and make them leap out of the book and reveal themselves. Good Luck in creating your next perfect character. More tips coming soon!

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