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Love Changing Everything

Posted on April 22, 2016 at 8:05 PM

Love striking like a bolt of lightning,

Everything changes

Life, people, the world.

Darkest colours becoming bright

Like painted rainbow high up.

In the eye of the beholder,

Twinkling colours of love .

One is vulnerable

But embracing it

Even through pain

Be it a moment or a while

Love blowing like wind

Lifting everything  mercilessly

All is fine, even better, swirling in it

A fool agreeing, its true.

Love, pushing a victim to the edge

Pride falling off

Hands raised high up,

Surrendering to love

Avictim of love telling a stranger

A person they met a few days ago

The secrets of their heart

All is poured out, love pouring out.

Not knowing the stranger's reaction,

A hope for mutual feeling rising

The approach unable to hold it anymore

Words chosen carefully and rehearsed

Seem like a book to be read to the world.

A few words mummered,

Changing paths of lives.

All is positive

No doubt,  Love being returned

Love has erased it, along with fear and pride

What it does when it hits hard

When it sweeps like tornado

Carrying off anybody, somebody, nobody

In its eyes, the ground is level.

Love crossing one's mind

Bringing a smile on one's face

Daydreaming, all other things vanishing

But the face of love

One smiling to oneself

A travelling mind far away.

Where love is leading.

Love, binding strangers as one!

Close families left behind

Binding with a stranger

Love sweeping both away

Changing everything.

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